Alive and kicking

Brca v rit

Some exercise a day, keeps the boredom away. If sightseeing in Maribor does not tire you enough, if you are an enthusiastic athlete or if you’d like to meet young locals, this section should encourage you to shake it Maribor style.

Outdoor courts

Various locations next to many apartment buildings, especially in the Tabor district Opening times: during warm months when the weather is nice
There is a big chance that you will pass by a deserted, parked or carefully maintained asphalt surface convenient for various sports. Especially in the Tabor district, in warn summer evenings, you will feel like you are in a DJ Jazzy Jeff’s video Summertime or in the Will Smith’s Fresh Prince.

Skate park

The Nova vas II district
An asphalt surface covered with different facilities, used by beginners and experts who spend their afternoons practicing skateboard stunts. Skaters say that the skate park is not exactly excel-lent but it does the job. Nice scenery, relaxed people and a chance to have fun and socialize. With the skateboarding culture becoming more popular the talk about a new skate park is getting loud-er.


The Nova vas district
Probably you did not know that the BMX track in the Nova vas district, was the first BMX track in former Yugoslavia. It was built when the kids were riding parents’ bicycles on improvised jumps in the nearby forest. Today the track is maintained superbly and is constantly upgraded. It is subjected to socialization and trainings of local riders as well as numerous races and contests.


From the beginning of May to the end of September, you will meet numerous downhill and free riders on the Pohorje Hills. Bike Park rents bikes and offers bicycle repairs, a cable car and 5 downhill tracks with different difficulty levels and a 717m of vertical descent.


Since all you need for slacklining are two trees or pillars, many places will do, possibly also with a patch of green. You can find people slacklining in the Town Park, in the Perkarna and elsewhere, where the local sports club motto stands: “Have fun and don’t forget to stretch your slack!”

Adrenaline Park (Pohorje, Betnava)

Do the heights make you dizzy? You can visit the adrenaline park high above the ground at the Trikotna jasa (“Triangular Clearing”) on Pohorje or the adventure park under the canopies of the Betnava Forest.

Drava Centre

Great place on the quay of Limbuš offers numerous opportunities for sports activities and relaxa-tion. Rent a boat and row on the Drava River or stretch/rest your body on the greens.

The Betnava Forest

The Betnava Forest is not just a forest, it also includes paths for strollers and cyclists, jogging tracks with intermediate stops and guided exercises, an adventure park, various jumps for bikes and much more.

Yoga in the Town Park

You can join a yoga class every sunny Thursday, between 18.00–19.00 in the Town Park.

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