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This online guide has been written and designed by Stopinje mesta, a MISC INFOPEKA volunteer group.

We aim to reveal the city’s aspects, urban developments and historical legacy within the societal context by searching for answers in the past, future and the time being. By conducting walks, lectures and other activities we try to expose the city’s hidden stories, encourage the youth to elaborate and critically observe the time and place they live in. The city guide and the walks are aimed at the Maribor’s youth, travelers and others who want to get to know the city from the sidewalk and the pedestrian perspective. Experts in different areas help us expose the variety of life on the streets, parks and other hidden spots of the city. All this contributes to the realization of our main motif which is to contextualize the city in the social manner and not solely in the functional i.e. practical one.
We want to bring Maribor closer to the youth, by exposing it as a center of social interactions, stories, influential historical events and cultural development. Overall, we aim to encourage elaborations, critical thinking and understanding of the daily surroundings we live in as a reminder to not be oblivious of the choices the city offers.

Youth city guide
The guide’s printed and e-version will guide you through Maribor in Slovene and English. All of the useful information about the city, culinary offers and accommodations are included. The fact that there was an obvious lack of city guides which would reveal the youth perspective of the activities and the city in a fun and relaxed manner, lead to the creation of this guide. Maribor is exposed through cultural context by omitting the dull descriptions of the city’s past and other usual tourist interaction with foreign places.

Walks for the young travellers – A critical and insightful walk through the streets of Maribor
Beside the typical characteristics of Maribor, we will show you some of the hidden places that are not usually advertised by travel agencies but are still important for the city itself. We are not interested merely in fairy tales, but also the real stories which formed the fabric of Maribor through history.

Themed walks
These walks are related to a specific historical legacy which is contextualized in the societal manner. Experts or individuals who hold knowledge of the topic help us expose Maribor in the intended way. Aimed at the citizens of Maribor, they encourage people to interact and share life experiences.

Lectures/workshops/round tables
These include events which are in one way or another related to the city, by focusing on one aspect and elaborating in the company of experts and others who have a vast knowledge about the topic examined. We aim to encourage the youth to explore, observe and evaluate the use of public places and rethink one’s attitude towards them.