O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Ki te si ti?

The first impression of Maribor – as a town underneath the Pohorje Hills or a town beneath the Piramida Hill –depends on where you arrive from. In any case you’ve found yourself in Slovenia’s second largest city, lying on the Drava River. Maribor was first mentioned as a town in 1254, but during the Turkish invasions it almost saw its end. The legend has it that the Turks where standing at the door when the people of Maribor realized that the moat around the town was dry. No one was brave enough to fill the moat with water form the Three Ponds except the little tailor who sneaked out through the gates Koroška vrata in the town wall and opened the locks. In that moment the Turks where already preparing to attack from the dried up moat. They all drowned in the roaring water and the town was saved by the little boy. Whether the ancient legends hold any truth is up to you to decide. Anyway, there is huge potential for magical experiences left in the town – if only you can listen to the adventure-craving voice inside of you.

When heading to Maribor you definitely have to know…

…that the town is easily accessible by car from all neighboring towns and countries; however, you’ll struggle with finding a free parking spot. If you’re visiting for a day, we recommend the Europark mall’s car park where parking is free. For payable parking you can buy a ticket at allo-cated parking meters. On the other hand, there are regular trains to and from the town (more information at this link), and slightly less regular buses. Maribor lies 125km from the Slovene international airport and 128km from the airport in Zagreb. Maribor Airport is used only occasionally and for certain connections.

…that Maribor city buses run regularly – the timetables are displayed at each station. Tickets can be bought on the bus (single: EUR 1.10) or at news-stands, where the procedure is a bit more complicated. You have to buy a plastic card for EUR 2.00, which you later “fill” with the rides – the more rides you buy, the cheaper they are.

…that there are many taxi services in the town, with different tariffs. Always check that the taxi-meter is turned on! Starting fee is usually EUR 1.00 EUR, which is also an average rate per kilo-meter. Mikro taxi (00 386 41 444 222), Taxi plus (00 386 80 11 12), Mestni taxi (00 386 080 80 17).

…that Maribor is, after all, a small town and you can walk from one end to the other fairly quick-ly or rent a bike. Bicycles are available in the town centre at TIC (EUR 5.00 for less and EUR 10.00 for more than 3 hours + EUR 20.00 security deposit), or at the City cycling network; Studenci district (EUR 5.00 for a recycled bike and EUR 10.00 for a trekking + EUR 20.00 secu-rity deposit). Another option is to rent a bike at MISC INFOPEKA and choose among renewed recycled bicycles that were created during our project MARIBAJK (EUR 2.00 per day and no security deposit).

…that during the week the shops in the town centre are open until 19.00. The Mercator conven-ience store next to the central bus station is open until 23.00 and all shopping centers are opened until 21.00 on weekdays and until 14.00 or 15.00 on weekends. Although the opening hours for the bars and restaurants vary, you will not stay hungry or thirsty at any time of the day.

…that the on-duty medical institution in Maribor is located on the premises of Maribor General Hospital and the on-duty pharmacy is in Tabor district near the University Medical Centre.


1 and 2 January … New Year
8 February … the Slovene cultural holiday – Prešeren Day
5 weeks Carnival (pust) … Easter Sunday & Monday
27 April … Day of Uprising against Occupation
1 and 2 May … May Day or International Workers’ Day
25 June … Statehood Day
15 August … Assumption Day
31 October … Reformation Day
1 November … All Saints Day
25 December … Christmas
26 December … Independence and Unity Day

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