Rarely asked questions

Redko postavljena vprašanja

Even if you have not thought of asking them, here we provide answers to all questions likely to have arisen in your mind when you breathe Maribor’s air.

Why does Maribor change into a ghost town after the Lent Festival is over?

This question has kept numerous minds busy for many years, but before we found the answer the summers started becoming livelier. Stage on the Poštna Street hosts concerts and DJ nights and fills every tiny corner of the street. The Udarnik Institute in the Vetrinjska Mansion (Vetrijski dvor) plays under-the-stars films, many street artists give life to the streets, the park and else-where, and to those who know how to spend their free time in the company of their imagination.

Where is the third pond?

If you came to the end of the Town Park and asked this exact question, let us help you clear that up for you – the real question is actually: “Where is the first pond?” The second pond is actually the third one and the first lies at the very beginning of the park. It was empty for a few years, but it has been refilled and offers life to beings in and around it.

Why do the locals call the NOB monument “Kodžak”?

Monument got the name because of its remarkable resemblance with the bare head of the detec-tive Kodak, the main character of the series in the 1970s with the same name.

Dog Friends on a Leash

No matter how hard we try to tell all the best about Maribor, we cannot say it is a dog-friendly town. There are only a few shops, bars and other places without a sign to prohibit the entry of dogs, and even there you will be getting weird looks. By law, all dogs must be on a leash, and those ridiculous bins painted with paws and bones are intended for dog poop that you also have to pick up after your furry friends.

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