Finding Neverland

V iskanju dežele Nije

Watching, listening, tasting – it is not enough. You have to experience the town with all the sens-es at once.

Eventful Playground

Mali Betnavski gozd
Working hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 13.00–19.00, one Saturday a month: 11.00–19.00

Game and spontaneous creativity lead every child, in years or in heart, to themselves and open them up to the world. The non-profit programme of the Youth Aid Centre Association has a place in the south part of the small Betnava Forest. It promotes social, educational, environmental and other skills with which we associate, draw closer together and transform the perception of the world around us.

Puppet Theater

Vojašniški trg 2a
Link: Puppet Theater

Pod imenom igrivih črk vstopi za staro-nove zidove Minoritskega samostana, kjer oživijo lutke vseh vrst in spregovorijo zgodbe najmanjšim, malo manj majšim in tudi čisto velikim. Vsakogar nagovarjajo s svojimi zgodbami, na svoj način. Poleg bogate lastne produkcije tu gostujejo tudi druga lutkovna gledališča in Bienale lutkovnih ustvarjalcev Slovenije.

Festival of Volunteering

Grajski trg, konec maja
The Volunteering Festival is held each spring and is time of celebration and networking as well as opportunity to encourage people to volunteer. It is also a time when individuals are exposed for their selfless shared time and good will that spread positive changes into lives of others and the wider local community.

The Lent Festival

Lent and other spots in the city, June-July
Link: Festival Lent

The biggest Slovene festival and one of the largest in Europe. At the beginning of every summer for more than 20 years, it has attracted over half a million concert listeners, performance specta-tors, stand-up comedy visitors and workshop participants to numerous venues around the town and along the Drava River. This and much more is happening – everything that you can imagine in terms of culture, art and entertainment.

Art Camp

Link: Facebook
Immediately after school ends for two weeks, tents, deckchairs, tables, chairs, ropes and two large stages occupy the space under the trees in the Town Park and offer workshops, performanc-es, games, concerts, goodies and a place to enjoy to all that share curiosity, playfulness, creativity and a little bit of summer leisureliness.

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