Čuda nebeška

You really should not miss at least some of them if you are ever to claim that you have explored Maribor from the inside out.

The Old Vine

The age of a four-hundred year old vine on Lent is no subject for a debate, so just face it – wine cannot be any older. Its authenticity was confirmed by experts from Paris and its descendants are growing all around the world. The wine it gives every autumn cannot be changed into water even by Chuck Norris.

Abandoned Prison

For the adventurous and the lovers of the bizarre: decaying building, which you will spot when exiting through the back door of the City Centre mall. It was the fear and trembling of all law-breakers and at one point Marshal Tito himself was its “resident”.

Vinag Wine Cellar

If you walk around the Liberty Square (Trg svobode),asking yourself where all the wine from surrounding vineyards goes, the answer is right in front of you – or better right bellow you. You are standing above 20,000 square meters of wine cellars and a special wine archive.

The oldest brothel

If you are tempted to see where the oldest profession in the world was active in Maribor, walk past Lent to the St. Francis Convent and carefully observe the mouldings above the doors. Through the entrance underneath a relief of three female heads men once entered, but today you will not find an erotic museum, let alone a brothel behind these doors, only your imagination.

The main cemetery

Maribor’s cemetery in the Pobrežje district does not host Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison or Edith Piaf, not even vampire stories from Twilight, but it boasts with some stylish gravestones and a rich history of migrations from one end of the town to the other. Although trying to avoid the graves when walking around the town, you will definitely step on a deeply buried legacy of one of them, once laying on today’s Slomšek Square, football stadium and Magdalene Park. A local joke: Where’s the cleanest air in Maribor? In Pobrežje, where only half of the population is breathing.

View from the top

If you’re not up for climbing the Piramida Hill or the Kalvarija Hill, you can look over the brick roofs of Maribor from the 57-meter-high tower of the Cathedral on the Slomšek Square. Howev-er, if that is too much for you as well, take the lift to the top floor of the Slavija Hotel or to the glazed Interspar restaurant in the Europark mall, which also boasts with great views of the old town.

Pocestnica (Streetwalker)

You should not take her name literally when the Streetwalker will address you while strolling through Lent. Project of street art KudLjud points you to the potentially overlooked and bizarre corners on the streets by the Drava River. The gallery is open 24 hours a day, without an entry fee (pupils, students and seniors receive a 50% discount), smoking and animals allowed and obligato-ry for all the curious souls with a sense of humour.

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