Walks for the young travellers

Sprehod za mlade popotnike


A critical and insightful walk through the streets of Maribor

Beside the typical characteristics of Maribor, we will show you some of the hidden places that are not usually advertised by travel agencies but are still important for the city itself. We are not interested merely in fairy tales, but also the real stories which formed the fabric of Maribor through history.

This walk is intended for all the young travellers who are fed up with clichés usually found on city tours. It is also for those who want to see the city from a different perspective and see the real image of the city while getting to know its back-streets.

We will see several of Maribor’s hot-spots, from the core of its underground scene to the usual meeting points where young people start their Saturday evenings. We will walk through the streets where the recent uprisings took place and see the places where art happens. And even though it will not be our main concern, we will definitely not miss the city’s main attractions.

Info: stopinjemesta@infopeka.org.