Little Shop of Horrors

Hiša strahov

Pleasure and discomfort, joy and horror, we do not lack anything. What kind of impression will Maribor leave on you, depends on what you will have to face during your stay.

VIOLE Maribor

If you’re a fan of action movies, visit Maribor when the Ljudski vrt football stadium is hosting the football club Maribor. Walking around the town has never been more exciting: echoes of cheers and singing of fan squads Viola dressed into violet and yellow all around the town. The streets around the stadium are closed and protected by the police, the town controlled by the cavalry and heavily armed special units, a helicopter continually circulating above the town to prevent a riot, at least a big one. Only for the brave!

Main bus station

Looking for a culture shock? Walking through the main bus station will not leave you indifferent. It has been a while since this sad, grey building, which at its opening received an architectural prize, was taken care of. If you are to use the underpass, do not expect to enjoy the convenience of escalators, because they’ve been out of order for years. The unfortunate picture is completed with pubs that play loud music that will hurt your ears.

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