To sit in or to take away

Za tu in za domov

As a souvenir from Maribor you will probably not take rosemary, but there is a small sea of other possibilities to find something that will remind you of your visit in our town.

Luškarije (Cuties)

Vetrinjska ulica 8a
Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 10.00–18.00, Saturday: 9.00–12.00

A cute boutique in a small alley with a lot of cute things – or as the owner says, luškarij (cuties). Unique products made by skilful local artists can be a lovely gift for others or for yourself.

Medičar in svečar (Honey and Candle Maker)

Glavni trg 5
Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 8.00–15.00, Saturday: 8.00–12.00

Not only sweet honey and wax products are offered in Medičar and svečar but also a story about this craft, if you only ask the vendors. Careful with nectar and candle products so that you bring them home in one piece.

Ropotarnica (Lumber Room)

Partizanska cesta 21
Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 9.00–17.00, Saturday: 9.00–12.00

It is nothing wrong if you think that the world has created everything you need and there is no need to buy new things still and again. The Lumber Room, store of the Activate Yourself! associ-ation offers second-hand stuff from A to Z. All you need is enough time to browse around and you will definitely find something for yourself.

Skrinja (The Chest)

Gosposka ulica 28
Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 9.00–19.00, Saturday: 9.00–13.00

When thinking about souvenirs to take home, you’re probably thinking of something traditional. In The Chest you can find many handmade things by Slovene master craftsmen, as well as every-thing you need if you want to be creative. .

Studio Birka

Gosposka ulica 28
Opening hours: during workshops and events

This pleasant spot hidden in the inner courtyard has a soft heart, braided from colourful threads of all kinds. Workshops and socializing with knitting needles and interesting wool products wel-come you in the inner courtyard next to the Gosposka Street.

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