Udarnik Cinema

Grajski trg 1
Sick of happy-ending films? The cinema abandoned for a few years has again opened its doors thanks to the Udarnik Cinema Institute, an autonomous cultural production centre that welcomes local and international artists. Choose one of the red seats in the hall and enjoy films that will never get into commercial cinema. In the back row, you can sit among the memories which have flourished in the darkness of the cinema.

UGM – Maribor Art Gallery

Strossmayerjeva 6
Opening hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10.00–18.00

In the Maribor Art Gallery, one of the central museums of modern and contemporary art, 20 ex-hibitions are hosted annually, which is why it will definitely find itself on the priority list of art lovers. If you are lucky, you will find yourself attending the opening of an exhibition or museum night and enjoy the exhibited paintings, sculptures, prints, phonographs and all other art forms, free of charge and with the glass of champagne in your hand.

K18 Gallery

Koroška cesta 18
K18 Gallery is an exhibition project of Pekarna magdalenske mreže. Numerous exhibitions throughout the year offer the possibility to various artists of various ages and artistic backgrounds to present their work. It gives the opportunity to artists who have just begun their career to have their own exhibition. Opening times vary, so pass by and you might get lucky or just ask at the MISC INFOPEKA.

Living Courtyards

Orožnova 7 and many other locations throughout the town
Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 9.00–16.00 and at the events

Still a very young idea has already revealed a treasury of places in the town centre, where the locals can find shelter, a place to socialize, be creative and spread ideas. Programme of the HOUSE! Society for People and Places Association includes 10 courtyards in the town centre, offers a range of creative practices, aims to improve the quality of life in the town centre and connect the citizens. Within the programme of Living Courtyards, you can attend rich cultural happenings: architectural workshops, theatre performances, workshops, concerts.

SNG Maribor – Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Slovenska ulica 27
Outstanding ballet, opera, theatre performances and concerts found their place in a beautiful building on the Slomšek Square (Slomškov trg). The largest public cultural institution in the country is one of the few of this size and productive in the wider area. It is also hosted around the world. If you do not buy tickets, which by the way our northern neighbors find priced very temptingly, at least take a look at the fabulous lobby.

Narodni dom Maribor

Ulica kneza Koclja 9
Information office opening hours: Monday–Friday, 10.00–17.00, Saturday, 9.00–12.00 and an hour before each show.

An event space for art, culture, music, comedy and theatre enthusiasts regardless of age, prefer-ences and general orientation. A flood of events held during the Lent Festival place it among the top cultural organizers in Slovenia.

Kibla Multimedia Centre

Ulica kneza Koclja 9
Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 9.00–22.00, Saturday: 17.00–22.00
Whatever you imagine a multimedia centre to be, KIBLA represents much more. Exhibitions, performances, music concerts, literature, debates, symposia, conferences, festivals, modern tech-nology, informal education and all the things that you can come up with but have simply slipped your mind –for many a second home.

Salon of Applied Arts

Glavni trg 1
The building on the main square has recently celebrated its centenary, and its rich history hides many interesting stories. In the summer of 2013, a completely new one began. Salon of Applied Arts with the concept of an exhibition-creative-sales area offers a haven for budding designers, creators, artists and interested public to jointly push the boundaries and defy consumption habits and clichés of mass production and headless and non-conceptual consumption.


Valvasorjeva 42
The centre for alternative and autonomous production is a social community centre, a platform for integration and the new economy, social enterprise incubator, new social and ecological practices, populated by various associations, organizations and individuals, who can rent space or a table in the spirit of the principles of “desk-sharing”. In addition to the shop with local, mainly food products, regular cultural and civil society events and the effects that the projects initiated here have on the town and its inhabitants, CAAP is also important because it is the first centre of its kind and it shows to the wider community that one must not only think about changing the world, but one can also actively participate and influence it.

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